Into the Non-Being

In these times of hyper-rational art rhetoric, when ideas can be given a greater value than emotional insights or intuition, I recommend experiencing this space without a specific verbalised input. The very word idea suggests me of something that doesn’t exist, so in this case any contextualisation of the works would give them an unnecessary meaning.
The creative process itself is intuitive, but the final picture is the culmination of a technically methodical and extremely accurate process that begins without a prior understanding of how the work will end.
Realistic, rational shadows on the surface are combined with intuitive shapes, thus creating an interaction between the physical plane of the picture and the shape which is depicted. The works are not representative of anything; they neither refer to particular contexts or themes, nor provide visual material for an external idea or conceptual feeling, but rather disturb the sense of seeing and understanding.
Minimal gestures in the works mislead imagination and leave an open space for the viewer to stay between perception and reality.

Gallery 'Meno niša', Lithuania, Vilnius