The Reality Show
The Reality Show exhibition aims to turn off the automatism of perception in everyday reality, in the hope of disturbing both the aspect and the world itself. In this case, the focused is on the experience of ordinary events and the discovery of the unidentified features of things. The world in the artworks is made weird only to become normal again.
According to Jurgis Tarabilda, the works in the new exhibition The Reality Show do not aim at reflecting the reality in an accurate manner (reproducing it), but rather at extending it (shaping) on different materials and media, thus creating new meanings and features of things and phenomena. “I don’t try to verbalise them; I leave the opportunity of interpretation to the perceivers of the work so that they would discover their own relationship with the objects”, says the artist about the exhibition.
Photo by Marius Žičius, gallery Meno Niša, Jurgis Tarabilda